Mediation Services

Mediation works!
80% of cases that use mediation reach an agreement and over 95% of participants find mediation very useful, regardless of the outcome.
Below are the steps to follow when seeking our Mediation services:-

Step 1 - Intake

Mediation is initiated by a request to the DCRI office. That request can be a simple e-mail sent, a phone call or walk-in to the office. Anyone can request a mediation of a work, family or succession related matter.

Once a request is received, DCRI will assign the case to the most suitable Mediator and then contact all parties to conduct an intake.

The purpose of the intake is to ensure the participant's understanding of the process and to help us determine whether the case is appropriate for mediation.

Step 2 - Mediation

If the case is deemed appropriate for mediation, participants will be asked to come to an initial mediation session. They will also sign an agreement to mediate.

After the first session, any participant is free to decide whether they want to continue with the process or withdraw from it.

Step 3 - Agreement

If the issues are settled through mediation, the mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which records specific agreements made by all parties.

By signing an MOU neither party admits fault. However, a signed MOU represents a binding commitment for the parties.

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